FAQ's For Lollapalooza India 2023


We encourage you to #TakeTheTrain - some perks & privileges for those that do!


There is none available at the venue - we have limited parking near Worli Dairy though! Please use the Park + app to book your parking. Shuttles will be provided from the parking lot to the nearest venue drop off point.


Drop us a line!


Private buses plying to & fro through 4 routes in Mumbai are also available courtesy Cityflo - book your ride here !

Can I upgrade, change or cancel my tickets at any point?

Tickets are not transferable or cancellable. In case of any queries, write to us here.

General Info

.What are the dates & location for Lollapalooza India?

Lollapalooza India is scheduled to take place January 28th - 29th, 2023 in Mumbai. Be there!

.Does Lollapalooza have a mobile app?

No, we don’t have a dedicated app. The website will be your mobile friendly guide to the festival!

.Does the festival have any merchandise?

Merch will be available at the event exclusively - please have enough credits loaded to make your purchases!

.Are food & drink items purchased outside of the festival allowed?

That's gonna be a no - but why carry stuff when we've got the best in food & drink to offer? Just carry your wallet instead!

.Do you have lockers for rent?

There will be no lockers at the event. We suggest not carrying anything overly expensive or valuable like jewelry & electronics, or come to the event with heavy travel bags and the likes that need stowing away.

.Can I carry a camera to the event?

Phone cameras? Sure! Professional cameras, maybe you want to skip. Cause we’ve got people to cover the event, y’know?

. Can I bring a child to the festival?

Yes - Lollapalooza is a kid-friendly, family-friendly festival around the world, as long as there’s a guardian for anyone below the age of 16, there’s admission. Ages 0-5 can enter the festival for free. 5+ year olds need to buy a regular GA ticket (born on Jan 28, 2018 or earlier)

.Are pets allowed at the festival?

As much as we’d like to, we want to ensure that your pets are safe, happy and cared for by professionals at the festival if they are attending with you. This edition will not be able to accommodate this, unfortunately!

.Are there access points for disabled persons?

Yes, our crew will be happy to help anyone with special needs with support and assistance to ensure they can enjoy the festival to the fullest.
Please reach out to us here

.Is there a map for the festival?

Check out our Homepage for a link to the map!

.What are your social media accounts I can follow?

Follow us on these links!

Allowed & Prohibited Items

.What is the bag policy at Lollapalooza?

Festivals are best enjoyed hands-free! We suggest you avoid carrying bags to the festival as much as possible for the least hassles

If you must, keep it limited to small, single compartment bags - like sling bags, handbags, tote bags, etc.

.What items are allowed & prohibited at Lollapalooza?

The following items are NOT allowed:

Please click here to see what is allowed, prohibited & our policy at the festival

How To Get There

.Where is the festival located?

The festival is taking place at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, right in the heart of Mumbai!

.Where and what time do the gates open each day?

On both days of the festival - January 28th and 29th, from 1 PM onwards.

.Is there parking near the festival?

We encourage you to use public transport as much as possible - since there is no parking at the venue.

We have limited parking near Worli Dairy, closer to the venue.

Please use the Park+ app to book your parking. Shuttles will be provided from the parking lot to the nearest venue drop off point.

.How do I get to the festival?

The road route to Mahalaxmi Race Course is via Dr. Elijah Moses Road

The nearest railway station is Mahalaxmi Station (Western Line)

The nearest monorail station is Jacob Circle

Take any BEST bus that halts at the Race Course Bus Stop

Private cabs & chauffered cars will have a different dropoff & pickup point. Please use the M1 gate for all dropoffs!

.Are there good hotel options nearby?

The Four Seasons Worli is about 3.6 kms away

The ITC Grand Central is 4.9 kms away.

Other nearby hotels worth consideration:

Hotel Hilltop, The Sahil Hotel, Hotel Shalimar (Kemps Corner), Comfort Inn.

Make sure you reserve your stay in advance!

Tickets To The Festival

.Will there be single day tickets available?

Yes, these are currently available & on the day of the festival as well.

.I have a question about my ticket(s). Where can I reach you at?

.Can I buy tickets from another person reselling?

Unfortunately tickets are non-transferable - so please hold on to your tickets and try to make it for the festival!

.Are there physical tickets buyers will receive?

Yes, these have been home-delivered to your registered address. If you haven’t received it, please collect at the Box Office - we have you covered!

.What type of tickets are available?

Visit our Tickets page to know more on the categories available & what suits your needs best!

.What am I entitled to with a General ticket?

General Admission into the festival for both days

If you’re a parent / guardian, you can have an accompanying toddler (ages 0 - 5). Kids younger than 5 are allowed free entry to the festival.

Kids aged 5+ and older (birthdates before 28 Jan 2018) will need to buy a regular GA ticket.

.What am I entitled to with a VIP ticket?

Elevated viewing area with exceptional sightlines of the 2 main stages

Exclusive bars in VIP area

Dedicated entrance lanes into the festival

General Admission into the festival

.What am I entitled to with a Platinum ticket?

General Admission to the festival

Dedicated entrance lanes into the festival

Elevated viewing platforms with exceptional sightlines of the 2 main stages

Mixed table seating, complimentary drinks + starters with table service

Limited access to front of stage area with an open bar

Transport between stages from allocated points

Festival kit delivered to your doorstep

Official Lollapalooza merchandise item

Lineup And Schedule

.Who is performing at Lollapalooza India 2023?

Here’s the full lineup for the 2023 edition!

.Is there a schedule of performances?

Schedules are out now - check out Homepage for more info!

.I'm a band / artist. How can I play the festival?

The lineup for 2023 has already been booked - our team goes through a rigorous process of selecting artists for the festival & reaches out to them. We’ll get in touch with you directly if we think you’re a good fit!

.Are there Lollapalooza Afterparties?

You heard it here first. RSVP & buy your ticket today!

Health Safety And Security

.What medical assistance will be available at the event?

A fully equipped medical emergency team will be available to handle any situation at the festival from a health & safety standpoint.

.What is the Security, Screening & Entry Policy at Lollapalooza?

You can read more at this link here. Hope that helps!

.What are the COVID regulations & Policy at Lollapalooza?

You can read more at this link here. Hope that helps!